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Welcome to WitShop. We design and manufacture good quality homewares and stationery.  

We strive to design clever, intuitive and playful products that display an element of Wit. We are also specialised in fine line detailed illustrations and combine these aspects with carefully considered materials and production processes. 

The materials we select for our products are often chosen for their natural qualities. We appreciate the appearance and texture of raw materials, and aim to stay true to their properties and enhance, rather than disguise, their natural features. 

We use traditional processes such as letterpress printing as well as processes which give a crafted quality to our products. These processes result in products with great texture and tactility.

Manufactured in the UK all of our products are produced with the environment in mind. Where possible we use recycled papers, minimise and re-use waste materials and buy local. Our products are not designed to be whimsical or faddish, and in this way their longevity is ensured.